Professional Fees - Book with Peace of mind

    Professional Fees - Book with a Professional Travel Advisor for Added Peace of Mind. Our expertise can save you valuable time & Money. Your vacation is a big investment and we want you to have the best experience possible!

    Professional Travel Advisor - Book with Peace Of Mind!

    Most of us get so little time to relax, explore or adventure, so we know the importance of making every minute special. It is always our goal to plan and book YOUR perfect vacation. If you have never used a travel advisor you may be like a lot of people and think…


    Why should I book through a Travel Advisor when I can book the trip myself online?

    There are so many reasons, but I will let you know about a few of the best!

    •  We might be able to save you MONEY as we have access to deals and special offers that are not available online, but more importantly we are going to ensure you get the BEST experience and options available! You will always be notified about those hidden fees at Destination/Resort that you may not otherwise have seen.  We try to keep everything upfront so you know all the costs before booking your trip.
    • We can save YOU time and effort. If you have ever tried to book your own vacation, you know how many hours can slip by just trying to sift through the information online. It can be overwhelming even for the most experienced of travelers! Let one of our experienced Advisors do it with you or for you, your choice! 
    •  The responsibility is on your Travel Advisor, not YOU! Its our job to ensure that all the t’s are crossed and the i’s are dotted. It is a worry-free way to book the vacation of your dreams!
    •  We build a relationship with our clients so over the year we can also make additional recommendations and build trust.  You work with the same person throughout the whole experience.  No call centre where you wait on hold for hours or speak to a new agent each time you have a question or need to make a change.  
    • If something goes wrong (cue COVID-19 and a global pandemic) you have your Advisor to take care of you and your travel investment; we always have our clients back!  We cancel trips, deal with insurance and work towards getting your refund or travel credits. If you are already overseas, we will work to bring you home!  We advocate when things do go wrong. Flight delays, Missed connections and flight cancellations are happening more now than ever before.
    • We always use reliable resources when booking travel so you will not become a victim of fraud or deceived with your travel arrangements. Our office is TICO registered to provide our clients added protection.
    • Our Exclusive contacts in the travel industry are available to Travel Advisors should additional assistance be required for advice and information.  (Hotel chains, Suppliers, Tourist boards, Cruise Lines etc)
    • We attend many meetings and trainings throughout the year and follow a number of notifications for Travel Restrictions to offer our clients the best experience possible.  We take our roles very seriously.



    But I see you charge fees. Why should I pay you a fee?!

    You can plan your own vacation, but a professional can add Peace of Mind and save you hours of research.  We may also know of a hidden gem or other recommendation you never thought about.  Your Travel Advisor is your go to person with any questions and problems that may arise along the way.  We are here for you! Avoid all those long delays in phone queues or trying to figure out the details from information online.

    Why trust the few precious weeks a year you get to travel to an online booking engine!? One small mistake and your dream vacation can turn into a nightmare. Especially in a world with COVID-19 where travel restrictions, entry requirements, and insurance policies are changing daily – leave it to us to keep track of it all and keep you updated.

    The fee ensures we have the time available for our valued clients.   We focus all our research time on your vacation, as we are limiting our services to only those working with us.  You also benefit from our expertise, training and professionalism that you wouldn't find online or through a call Centre. 

    We understand some traveller’s love spending hours upon hours sorting through the plethora of information online or they want to save every penny possible, so working with an agent may not be for you! But if you think we are a good fit, we would love to hear about your vacation dreams. We can even work with you to plan your trip and still be your go to person if needed.  On many occasions, we have been able to save our clients money, even with our fees and service provided.  Best of all - Saved them hours and hours of research and planning.

    We would like to arrange an initial consultation for each trip request to find out exactly what you have in mind.  We can build on it after going through a series of questions to help find the best trip for you!

    Our fees vary based on the enquiry but we include all of the services below, for all travel experiences.

    What’s included:

    • Private Consultation to determine your vacation wants and needs.  Follow up consultations if required to make sure we find the trip that suits you.
    • 100% Custom- tailored trip based on your individual interests & budget or package vacation options.  (100% Custom Trips are completely created comprising of various destinations, flights, cruises, hotels & transfers etc on request)
    • Package Vacations & Cruise Recommendations.
    • Assistance with choosing destinations, lodging, transportation and local activities.  We will present you with a number of trip options based on the dates/destinations at the time of enquiry. We will work together to modify the Itineraries to get it exactly how you envision your vacation.
    • Direct Access to your Travel Advisor – Phone & Email.
    • Travel Documents checked & provided directly to your email.
    • Travel Insurance recommendations & Claim assistance where possible.
    • Seat Selection (Subject to Airlines fees if applicable)
    • Booking & Reconfirmation of all travel components.  Notify Hotels of Special requests and Allergies advised.
    • Peace of mind before and while travelling with Emergency Assistance if needed.  (In Emergencies we are here to help where possible by providing advice and information.  You are not alone.)
    • Mid trip & Post trip follow up.


    Professional Fees Starting from:

    Package Vacations:   $100 + tax
    Flights:  $100 + tax
    Cruise:  $100 + tax
    FITS/Custom Travel:  $200 + tax
    Package Groups:  $100 + tax
    Travel Insurance:   No Fees.
    Destination Wedding Groups:  $200 Deposit Required.  No Fees for guests/couple.

    - Travel Advice Service -  (Non Clients)

    Didn't book your trip with us?  Just looking for advice on the current Restrictions & Regulations? 

    We would recommend that you visit the government websites and your Airline/cruise line/Tour company for the most up to date information.  These tourist pages are funded by the governments to provide this free information for those that like to plan their own travel.
    If you have a trip booked with us.  This service is provided as part of your Professional service at no extra charge.

    If you are looking for advice without our services, our professional fees are listed below depending on the service required:

    - $100 +tax is required (One time review based on your trip to cover Canada Requirements and up to 2 Destinations. Please ask if your itinerary covers more locations)
    -$150 + tax (Initial Review & Review apx 2 weeks prior to departure to reconfirm)

    *Restrictions are subject to change at any time.  We can not be held liable for changes once advice has been provided.  This  service does not provide any information on your actual reservations as we do not have access if we did not book them.  Such as booking conditions etc.  This service is only to cover requirements.

    *Please contact your Travel Advisor for a Quote & Consultation.  This is based on the complexity of the trip & number of passengers.


    *The professional planning fee is valid for 60 Days to cover the same trip research.  One change will be allowed to either the original dates or the Destination.  Additional changes will be classed as a new trip search. The original planning fee will no longer be valid.  After 60 days or additional change request, we will provide a reduced fee of just $50 per change to continue with the planning instead of a new fee.   

    *Changing your Reservation - Once your reservation has been confirmed.  If you request any changes to your trip, a $25(+tax) per person Administration fee will be required. (Minimum $50 per room/reservation)  This is in addition to any fees charged by the supplier.  No charges will be made if we are assisting our clients with changes made by the suppliers. In the event that you cancel for a credit provided by a supplier.  This is classed as a Cancellation.  A new Professional fee will be required to re-start the planning process.

    *Reservations booked with Points - If you wish to make a Reservation with Points that we can access, such as Westjet rewards for example.  An Administration fee of 5% will be charged (Minimum $50+Tax,  Maximum $200+tax).