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Destination Wedding - FAQs

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  • Why book a Destination Wedding?

Destination weddings are unique & different offering a wide selection of options available to customize at most locations throughout Mexico, the Caribbean & beyond. They offer gorgeous locations at each resort and destination. With various locations including the Beach, Gazebos, Vineyards, On site Chapels to tropical Gardens and more. A Destination wedding is also a great opportunity to spend time with Family & friends.  We know how busy life can be and extending the celebrations over a week with lots of relaxation time and opportunities for adventure & sightseeing it’s a wonderful way to create memories to treasure forever. Many of our couples have also found, that this can also be a less expensive option than a Wedding ceremony & event in Canada. The average we have been told, have been quoted between $27-38,000 Canadian Dollars.  Depending on the resort there may be options for a complimentary ceremony, event hours & dining. You can also extend your stay to include a honeymoon after your guests have departed if you want some alone time.  You can extend your stay at the same resort, upgrade your room or book your honeymoon at a luxurious Adult only resort for added pampering and relaxation.

  • Is it right for our guests?

Can your guests afford to attend or will you be helping some towards the costs? We understand that not everyone has the same budget to spend on vacations or some may not usually travel at all.  This is something we can discuss in our consultation and you can mention it to those nearest and dearest to get an idea how they feel about pricing and attending a Destination wedding. If we are booking a group, there may be extra discounts that you can either put towards the wedding costs at the resort or that you can put towards a guests reservation if you would like to help anyone attend. If certain guests can not attend due to health reasons or the price, is this going to be an issue? An elderly relative for example. Will all the most important people you want there on the day be able to attend? It is not unusual for guests to decline and this can be for a number of reasons such as the price, vacation time, resort suitability.  For example, if you book to visit an Adult only property, those with Children may not be able to attend.  We can certainly assist with helping you find a resort that is within a price range you feel would be affordable for your guests. Keep in mind that lower priced resorts may not include as many perks & facilities you may like compared to those a little higher in price.

  • Who should we invite?

You can invite anyone.  Just as you would for a wedding in Canada. This is your special day so we recommend inviting all those that you would like to attend and that you would enjoy spending extra time in resort with. Keep in mind not everyone will accept the invitation for various reasons.  Some of your guests may also not be able to commit at the time you book but they may add on at a later date.

  • Do we still book a reception at home?

If not all your immediate family & friends can attend your wedding, you can also hold a 2nd smaller reception at home so you can still celebrate with those that missed the wedding. It is not required to hold the additional celebration. This is completely your preference and you could make it as big or small as you like.  For Example, A Back Garden BBQ,  Meal at a Restaurant, Party at home. Alternatively, for those that can not attend you could also discuss with the wedding planner at the resort about your options for Live Streaming if it is available. This way everyone would have the opportunity to feel involved even if they are not in resort.  This would also be a perfect option for those not wanting to travel due to age.

  • Do guests pay their own Travel?

Yes, Guests pay for their own package (Flights, Hotels). The Bride & Groom take care of the expenses for the wedding event. 

  • How soon do we inform Guests?

It is recommended to advise guests as soon as possible. 1-1.5 years at least is the recommended time. Save the dates can also be sent early, to let them know that you are planning a destination wedding and the details will follow once you secure a date & location.


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I am sure you have many more questions and we will be happy to discuss them with you. Please contact one of our WPIC certified Wedding specialists if you would like to arrange a time so that we can go over them together.

We are here to make your wedding planning as stress free as possible!

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